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Is this implantation bleeding or period?

Hi I’ve had this bleeding 6 days before my period and I just wanted to know what it looks like to you? I’ve been told it could be implantation bleeding but I’m not sure. 
I’ve been having little bits of bleeding but no where near like my usual period. I took a test on the first day of bleeding but was negative.
can anyone help


  • I had implantation bleeding with my first but it was just spotting. That does look a lot heavier than what I’d class as implantation bleed could it be an early period?
  • Oh okay, thank you! I normally have late period or on time but yes this started 6 days before my period so it could be I just wasn’t sure as my periods are very very heavy and I have to change every 30- 1 hour because how heavy they are
  • Did you end up pregnant?or just af?
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