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TTC first month pray for baby dust to sprinkle on me

Hey ladies i have just started my journey. Although I already feel a little lost haha. I’m cycle day 35 and I’m normally a Very regular girl. (28/29) days. But I’ve had 3 negative tests. Am i silly for still having hope. Af doesn’t show much signs of coming and normally she does. 🤷🏼‍♀️
Best of luck to you all this month. 


  • Always have hope chick - you may be one of the lucky ones who aren’t here for long (I mean that in the nicest possible way!!!) 💜

    Luck, love and baby dust to you xX 
  • @KelB79 thank you for your response. I just feel I’m going crazy you know, so new to this and with everything I’ve read something should have shown up on a test by now. I got a FRER so I’m going to use that on Sunday if still no AF here’s hoping. It’s the limbo waiting for Af or a Positive test. Either way I’m ok with I just want to either have af come so we can start again or have peace of mind with a positive test. Xx
  • This is my first month trying to! I am 3dpo just waiting game now. I know exactly how you feel it’s so nerve wracking but exciting aswell. Just want to no so we can try again if not xx
  • @Rachael1318 I recommend using cheepie OneStep OPKs for this exact reason. If you track ovulation then you'll know exactly when you can test (normally 10-12DPO) and also when to expect AF (as AF is always occurs a set number of days after you ovulate). 

    If this month isn't your month I'd massively recommend getting some. 🤞 Though. 
  • @Curiosity101 I’m guessing OPKs is ovulation sticks? I’m not totally familiar with the lingo yet. I had ewm on the 17th of March. And tested what I thought was 10dpo but negative but now cycle day 36 and still no AF 🤷🏼‍♀️ Going to test using FRER on Sunday again 
  • @Rachael1318 Sorry yes, they're ovulation sticks. EWCM can be a good sign but ovulation varies person to person. In my case I tend to get a positive OPK 3-4 days after EWCM. 

    That sounds really promising for you though. 🤞🤞🤞 For Sunday!
  • @Curiosity101 Trying to not get hopes up as I would have thought a positive result would have shown itself by now but maybe I was just testing too early. Here’s hoping xx
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