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Need some help ladies!

So here goes, bit of a backstory. Have been trying to conceive for a couple of months. 
Last month I had a very unusual bleed on the 13th to the 15th. It was very light pink. Not sure if it was a period or not as it was not like my normal af. My app says I would of ovulated on the 19th and since then I have had mainly sore breasts. On the 25th I had cramps which would have been 6dpo if my calendar is right.  Yesterday I had some slight loose movements (if you know what I mean) and creamy cm. I am now 13 dpo and have got a couple of cramps/heavy ish feeling in lower uterus. Can anyone give me any advice if this could turn out to be a bfp? 🤞

 Thanks in advance x 🙂


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