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Faint line. Help

Ladies I am 5 weeks from Mc. 

Just wondering am I seeing things or do u think this is a faint line? 

Total respect if u see noting as my other half is a very yes or no person and doesn’t believe in faint lines. 

We have been ttc from 3weeka ago. 

This test was done from being needing to wee about 5 times at the play park today and I discovered they came in post from very little urine not sure if that would make a difference lol 


  • I definitely see a faint line. I'd retest in a couple of days to check if it's getting stronger though. 🤞
  • @Curiosity101 thank you for being honest. I have one more first response do u think I would be best leaving it a day or two?? X
  • I would definitely wait until tomorrow at the absolute earliest but if you can wait till Sunday and use first morning wee then that should give you a definitive answer.

    Good luck, and sorry to hear about your previous miscarriage. 
  • @Curiosity101 yes I might try and hold out till Sunday if I don’t I will have to go to chemist again tomor. Thank you so much are u on the ttc journey yourself? X
  • I'm not at the moment, currently almost 17 weeks pregnant 😅☺️
  • @Curiosity101 oh my amazing news ✨ how are u feeling?? How was it been so far. That’s brillant xxxx
  • I'm ok thanks. It's been ok so far, still feeling nauseous on and off. Looking forwards to feeling a bit more normal soon hopefully ☺️
  • @Curiosity101 ah that’s amazing. I have 2 girls and I never had sickness with either.. my sister on the other hand has two girls and a boy and was so sick. So I would say ur well ready to be feeling more normal soon: hopefully u are and get a bit of comfort before the uncomfortable stage lol have u any other babies? X
  • @Nireland2020 I have 😊 I've got a 19month old boy. This little one, also a boy, is due just after his second birthday. 

    I really wish I didn't have sickness. 😫 I was exactly the same in my first pregnancy. It didn't fully go away until 18 weeks. So hopefully in theory just 1 more week to go 🤞🤞🤞
  • @Curiosity101 oh amazing at least they will be able to keep each other in crack. Only thing is when they older it’s buying 2 of everything there is 2years2 months between my girls and my eldest is 5 and now the youngest wants to be just like her. Lol that’s crazy would u say ur pregnancy are very alike I said the same with my two girls.. I was never really sick wit them ever.. it’s crazy how every pregnancy is different. Where u on a ttc journey for your little boy? X
  • @Nireland2020 Oh wow, I hadn't thought of that. It makes sense that the little one will want to emulate the older one though 🙉🙈

    I would say initially I was more sick with this one and have had really bad skin from near enough day 1 which is different to last time. I'd convinced myself I must be having a girl but slowly as the sickness eased a bit it started feeling a lot like when I was pregnant with my little boy. Hoping this pregnancy goes differently to last time though as my little boy was born at 33+2 due to complications. Ideally I'd like to hold onto this little guy until term! 😄

    We were unbelievably lucky both times TTC. I conceived cycle 2 with my little boy and cycle 1 this time round. 

    Have you been trying for #3 for long?
  • @Curiosity101 oh of course u would be nerves and glad ur little boy is doing amazing and little bump is too. And hopefully bump is tucked up nice n cost for the next while lol.. ah that’s amazing, we were on our 4th month ttc wen we got pregnant wit our Mc. I took the test dismorning and it’s practically the same, so I’m not going to order any more I have a hcg draw on Thursday and see how it goes. I’m not going to drink over Easter as just to be safe. I hope u have a lovely weekend what ever u get up to xxxx and thanks for ur messages 
  • I really hope it’s another bfp for you @Nireland2020, I got mine on Wednesday be lovely to be bump buddies 🥰 x
  • @Lh8609 ooooooh my food amazing news. How r u feeling ?? That’s amazing congratulations xxxx
  • Thankyou lovely, I feel like rubbish tbh 😂 Got a line as strong as the control line this morning so I’m really pleased. How are you? X
  • @Lh8609 ah that’s amazing news u got a bfp.. hopefully in a couple weeks U will start to feel that bit normal again, do u think u done anything different this month to any of the last?? . I woke up n have started spotting it’s more brown than anything n only when I wipe. So I tink that’s the start of af for me which I’m happy about if it is just strange how I got two faint positives on the first responses. So cycle day 1 I tink lol. 
  • Oh bless ya I’m sorry hun. Onwards and upwards tho hey? All I did was take a vitamin b complex after ov to increase progesterone as I’ve been spotting mid cycle and I thought low progesterone may be the culprit. And after bding I stayed laid down to try and keep it up there haha x
  • @Lh8609  ah am so happy u got ur bfp and your on the 9month wait now to meet ur little bundle. Yes I use to try that, so I am going to let this cycle sort itself out and try one last time not tracking with ov stick etc as it stresses me out n then go on contraception next month and wait till after the wedding. So I’m ttc this month but. It labeling it now as I doubt it will happen but just never no. I’m so glad u conceived honestly we have been on this journey nearly all time together and it’s good to hear good news xx
  • Ahhhhhh I hope you get your bfp before you take a break love! We were giving it till august then calling it a day because of the wedding so i totally understand hun x
  • I know I’m not disheartened if it doesn’t happen it just wasn’t the right time for our family. But I said I would give this month a try before I start contraception as I heard people can be more fertile after a miscarriage. Lol have u many symptons?? Say u couldn’t believe it when u seen ur bfp it’s amazing isn’t it :) xxxxx
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