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Pre Pregnancy test 6 days before period

Hi Ladies, I had a missed abortion 2 months ago I guess after that I had a chemical pregnancy last month. Trying to conceive. I did my pregnancy test 6 days before my period at 12:00 pm and got this. I can see a super duper faint line. Can anyone else also see that or I am just imagining this. Also, I tested I ovuluated this month and having minor pain in my nipples with tiredness and sometime a little nusea once in 4-5 days. Please suggest.


  • Hi @Jkaur, so sorry about your chemical 2 months ago, I went through the same, hugs to you!
    Unfortunately I don't think I can see anything, but that doesn't mean it isn't there. It's just that six days prior to AF is a bit too soon to test, most will get a negative by then even though they might be pregnant. 
    As for nausea, some women experience very early pregnancy symptoms, but when you say you had it 4-5 days ago, then you must have been around 6 dpo? Maybe you felt the implantation, but the "classical" pregnancy nausea will start later, mostly around a week after your missed period.
    But still, of course you can be pregnant! I just don't want you to get lost in symptom spotting, I know I did after my chemical and it's not a nice place to be, made me a bit crazy. The 2ww isn't fun, I know. But only a few more days and you will know for sure! Fingers crossed for you hun! xxx
  • Thanks a lot @Bundaberg will keep you posted. 
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