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Am I imagining this?

We have been trying again for baby number 2 after trying for 5 years for baby number 1. I started to give up with baby number one and stopped doing all tests so when I got a positive it was very strong. 
I have been having the odd pregnancy symptom so I decided to take a test... can anyone else see a faint line or is it me just getting my hopes up and imagining it? 


  • Don't know if this is a better picture? I feel like it's really faint but I thibk I'm just looking at it too much
  • Hi dear I can see the super duper faint line but its looking like a shadow. I am also not sure. Have you missed your period. If yes, it might be a chemical pregnancy if not then wait until you miss them as early tests often leave false negatives. All the best to you. Spot the symptoms.
  • Hey @Jade94 I'm sorry I don't think I can see anything. How many days prior to your AF are you? xx
  • My periods are really irregular which is why I find it so hard to track everything at the minute I think I got a bit excited and tested early I think I should be due in 3 days I took another test this morning and again there's a really really faint line
  • Test 2
  • If I set my screen to a really unhealthy colour / brightness mode, I see something :) 
  • Done a test strip to see if it comes up anymore for a photo and again a very faint line. I'm not sure 🤦‍♀️ I'm so impatient 😂
  • Done a clear blue early response test today and the line seems to be a bit darker. Does this look like a positive? It was darker in my last pregnancy so don't want to get my hopes up x
  • Last one is positive. Congratulations! Praying for it to be a sticky one. May God's blessings be upon you.
    I am 43, husband is 58. I am 7 weeks + 2 after TTC for over 2 years.
    #What God can not do does not exsist 
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