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I am so lost.

Hi guys I’m new the group and I have a question I am currently 1 day officially late, I have been cramping here and there and feeling bloated. I took a test and came back negative, should I wait to take another one or just wait for my period. I started spotting very faintly today. 


  • Hi wait until a week you missed your period. The faint spotting could be implantation bleeding. Wait for 7 more days and retest. It will come positive. All the best
  • Hi @Fatimavasqu3250, welcome to the board! 
    As everyone's cycle is a bit different: Do you know how many DPO you are? As @Jkaur wrote it could be implantation bleeding, but that usually isn't as late as 14 days after ovulation. 
    Are your cycles very regular? And when did you test - early in the morning? And was it a digital test? So many questions, sorry :) 
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