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Is this positive?!

Can anyone else see a faint line here? I’m on my 3rd cycle taking Clomid after a long long ttc journey, but it has been giving me 28-30 day cycles, and I’m currently on day 32... 

Do you think I should test again in the morning? 


  • It looks it to me but yeah id retest tomorrow or the day after maybe get a first response test x
  • I would get a first response I would def say that's s positive congrats 
  • Looks like my first BFP so congrats! :) I did a FRER about 2 hours after and the line was lots darker so like the others have said I would give one of them a go too if you can! :) xx
  • Congratulations! It looks like my first positive I took on March 22nd (AF was 4 days late) Mine on th 23rd of March was darker. 
    God's blessings upon you!
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