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Af due tomorrow

bfn Pregancy test snd surge on lh any 1 else got this and been pregnant ive no hope for period staying away


  • Where are you in your cycle right now? 
  • Cycle day 28
  • Sorry, I just saw that you posted that in your title already. Are your cycles regular? 
  • yes i got 3 faint positive 3 differnt  test now bfn
  • I would suggest to test again tomorrow morning with FMU. You said all tests were different brands, right? It could be that the one that tested negative isn't as sensitive as the others. 
  • its the same as one that was positve

  • Sorry f snt picture sorry for so many picture but the test just above clear blue is today’s test 
  • Praying for you to get a the positive that you want. HCG levels comes up at different rates for everyone. I had a very very very faint (was sure if I was just seeing it because we had been trying) positive when period was 5 days late already. Tested next day and it was still very faint, but definitely there. I am 43, husband is 58. I am currently 7 weeks + 2 pregnant after TTC for 2 + years. It looks like a positive on your 5th & 6th pictures. If no AF by the 11th I would test again when you first wake up. False negatives are far more common than false positives. This from both my gp doctor and OBGYN doctor. I think the pink dye tests are easier to see than the the blue dye ones. God's blessing for your conception sooner rather than later.
    #What God can not do does not exsist!
  • Thank you one my
    app says due today other day I’m 2days late x
  • Praying for you to get your positive that you desire. Just try not to stress over it either way. Stressing seems to hinder conception. 
    Let go & let God 
    #What God can not do does not exsist!
  • It didn’t come so fingers crossed xx
  • Still in our prayers!
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