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Tests a week apart??

These tests are a week apart!! How come the one I did this morning (the top photo) the positive line is so dark that you can hardly see the control line now whereas on day 2 the control line was darker?

probably a weird question but it’s my first pregnancy so I literally have so many questions lol xx


  • Hi looks just like the ones I did it’s just your hcg increasing it’s a good thing 🥰 here’s my line progression x

  • Yes I’m a poas addict lol x
  • What was the difference in dpo in those first 2 tests. Mine are looking like your first one today at 13dpo just wondering when to expect a more definate line as I'm paranoid lol 
  • Hi first one was 14 2nd was 17 x
  • Oh cool thankyou, that's reassured me  bit then. Iv ordered some first response ones that will come tomorrow so keeping fingers crossed that shows better. I can def see a line on mine but with still not being due af yet I still cant help but feel it will show up as normal so darent get too excited 🙈
  • Good luck hope to see you in due in dec very soon 😊 x
  • I'd say cos your hcg is increasing my control line was a bit fainter a week later aswell congrats 
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