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I am very irregular sometimes I get my monthly and sometimes I skip I took this test because my boobs are so sore and I am so nauseated. i am 2 weeks before my “monthly” is this positive? Or am I seeing things?


  • So I take it you don't know when you ovulate, correct? Because the time between ovulation and period is almost always 2 weeks (that's why it's called the infamous 2 weeks wait). Therefore if you are two weeks before your period, you are ovulating now. That might be because your boobs are sore. 
    After ovulation, it takes a couple of days until implantation, and then it will take a few more days until you would see a positive test.
    I found a linke where you can learn more about it.
  • As pp said your in you tww now implantation doesnt happen till around 6 dpo 
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