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Help! Is it what it is?

Hi! Im few days away before my period is due. Ive been having sore breast from last week and i know it could be symptoms of period too. Today i decided to test as my soreness breast getting intense. And the line came up within 1 mins. But its not as dark as Control Line. But appear within 1mins and there's color to it. Can anyone see it too? 



  • I did test again just now. And line come up within time frame too. Am i pregnant? Ive been trying for one year after my ectopic pregnancy dec 2019.😢😢😢
  • Hi there! I'm sorry I can't see much in the pictures, but in the last picture, the one test that you dated with 13/4 13 (left hand side) I think I can see a veeeery faint line. When is your AF due?
  • Hi. This is the clear picture. Maybe the picture quality not so good. 
  • Yes, but when is your AF due?
  • In 2 days time my period is due. Xx
  • Test again in two days, the line should be even darker by then! Fingers crossed for you xx 
  • I can slightly see a line on frers test again on due date I got negatives until my af was due good luck 
  • Thank you! @Sj83 xx

    this is my yesterday night test. I couldnt wait and saw there's one digital test in my drawer and test on it . 

    Is this confirm that im pregnant? Kind nervous now. Xx
  • Of course! Congratulations!! Xx
  • 🥰🥰🥰 huge congratulations!!!!!! zX
  • Aww congratulations!  😀😀😀
  • Thank you all! Hopefully this time the baby is at the right place and grow well as ive history of ectopic pregnancy during 2019. Hopefully this time is our rainbow baby! Thank you all xx
  • Aww fab news wishing you a happy 9 months and your little rainbow 🥰
  • Thank you everyone xx
  • I havent went to the doctor yet. This monday is my appt to confirm the pregnancy. 
    But for the meantime i just can stop testing. Because im so nervous. I need to relax myself i guess.

    is still positive right? This photo dont have any filter on it.

  • Yes, a very clear positive xx
  • Hi all! Sorry to hijack (I'm new and not 100% on how these things work!)
    Firstly, congratulations @TryingforAmiracleBaby!!! You got this, take some self-care and pamper yourself. You deserve it! 💕

    I am incredibly confused whether I am having AF or IB. 
    On CD27, I started what I thought was AF as I had some cramping, although bleed was very light (didn't fill a pad on day 1 which is usually my heaviest day), and day 2&3 have been incredibly light spotting, so light at times it's just a pink colour. 
    It has almost stopped now, and I'm just getting what feels like is a little man inside me nipping at my uterus (can't describe it another way!!). 

    Tested this AM (which is the 3rd day of this weird bleed) and BFN, but with a cheap, 25mlu test.

    What does everyone think?

    Again, sorry to hijack!!!
  • @LilMidge keep testing chick! It may be too early for your HCG levels to be high enough to register - get a FRER if you can 😁 Praying for you 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 Xxxx
  • Thanks Kel! I'm hoping! The twinges are still occurring! 
    I'm trying to hold off testing again as it makes me really upset so I'm going to try waiting but my bbs are still sore which they aren't usually after AF! 
    Holding out a little hope, I'm just a little downhearted as all the stories I've read had been negative. 
    Thanks so much Kel!
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