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Hi can anyone help my friend can you see a vv faint line????

Hi so my friend messaged me about 30mins ago she's been ttc since her mc in November 2020 she sent me this pic I can't see a line but she wants more confirmation because she don't want to tell anyone else she's trying again can you help ladies??? She says she's 8dpo she's been having sore boobs since ovulation (she's been using ovulation sticks)
She's had dizzy spells since last night and headaches also back pain any advice would be appreciated thanks ladies xxx


  • Hi, 
    sorry I can’t personally see a line May be the photo and lighting. But I would try hold out another 1-2 days and test again with fmu. Baby dust x
  • @Nireland2020 thank you very much for replying yeah I said the same thing xx
  • 8dpo is very early to test. Normally the cycle from ovulation to AF is 14 days, so she might be around 6 days before AF. The level of possible pregnancy hormones is most of the times way too low at this point. So yes, tell her to test again in two days, and of course, fingers crossed!
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