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Am i pregnant?!

Hi everyone, 
3 days ago I got 2 positive first responses and 2 positive clear blues saying 1-2 weeks... I went to take another test today and two clear blues are showing up negative?? 

Would I be pregnant or not?! 😩

I am 4 days late for period and I have tender/itchy boobs and mild cramps.. I hope someone could give me a answer 😩


  • Did you test again first thing in the morning?
    False positives are highly unusual, especially if four tests told you the same result.
    Do you have another first response, one of those pink ones you had in the first pic and can you try again with one of those? It might be possible that the last two tests you did are not as sensitive as the other ones. 
    Fingers crossed for you that it will stick xx
  • Thanks so much, I’ll buy a first response and another test again, when I used that test yesterday it wasn’t morning urine and I drank a lot so I could pee and test again so maybe my urine wasn’t concentrated enough? X
  • Of course, that's a possibility! You can't really compare it if the tests aren't the same brand and weren't taken with FMU. Keep us posted xx
  • I will do thanks a lot :) x
  • It could be a chemical but clear blue are known to give false negatives def try another first response good luck 
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