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Am I pregnant?


So I've been trying to get pregnant with my soon to be husband for about 1 1/2 years now.. and weird things have been happening and I just need some advice!

1. 2 weeks ago, my breasts were very swollen and were very sensitive. I noticed I kept rubbing them and even other people noticed that my boobs were a lot bigger than usual! (I do not have big boobs.) The night of, I woke up around 5 am. My boobs felt so achy and I had a super achy feeling in my lower back. It was enough to wake me up out of a dead sleep!

2. I usually start my period around 20-24 of every month. This month, I started to bleed on the 13th (this has never happened before). It ranged from brown to bright red. It was way lighter than my actual period. And the cramping felt like a tickle if you will. And my periods are usually very heavy the first 2 days and then it will taper off. This has been going on until yesterday, the 17th and it has stopped. 

I've already taken 2 pregnancy tests (because I'm anxious, and so very hopeful that THIS is finally it!) But they were both negative. I know today (the 18th) is like 2 days before my actual period is supposed to start. 

Am I pregnant? Or am I just crazy and hopeful for nothing. These are 2 phenomenons that I'm sure have never happened before. I would love to hear everyone's experience before they found out they were pregnant. It would make me feel a whole lot better, for sure. When should I take another pregnancy test? 

I want a baby so bad.. 


  • I can tell you that my friend had negative tests up until three days after her AF is due, so just because you tested negative doesn't mean it's actually negative.
    Did you test with a first response? And with FMU?
  • Yes I tested with first response and FMU 2 of the three times! 
  • I know how frustrating it is, there's nothing you can do but wait. You wrote that your AF normally shows up on 19-24, so it might be too early to detect yet. Test again in two days. Fingers crossed! xx
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