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Could I be Pregnant?


I have been TTC now officially since Nov (off the pill since June) and haven't had any luck so far, however this month my body seems to have done things differently.

My cycles switch and change between 26-28 day cycles, no idea what order, they just do want they want, when they want! 🙈 Normally before I have my period, I will have some spotting that will only last around 12 hours because cramps and all start to set in, except this month I started spotting on DPO 12 and I'm still doing so now at DPO 14, there hasn't been any blood just brown discharge which either be sticky/stretchy (like ovulation CM not clotted) or a cream like consistentcy (sorry for TMI), Ive taken a test mid morning today and it was BFN, could this be implatiom bleeding and is there any chance I could have my Christmas Present in there?! I'm due my Period today but had no other signs except very light twinges and the spotting? 

I'm so confused but also very inpatient as I've never had spotting over 3 days before 🙈

Thanks in advance 💕


  • Did you test with a first response? Or a digital one? 
  • Did you test with a first response? Or a digital one? 
  • Neither, I use the Femometer app which I received test strips with, would you recommend retesting with first response?? 
  • Yes, I would! Because your cycles are a bit irregular as you wrote, it's possible that you're actually only due in two days, correct? I'd suggest trying again with a first response, and use it with your FMU. Good luck and keep us posted! xx
  • Ririlou92Ririlou92 Regular
    edited Apr 19, 2021 12:14PM
    I'm on Day 28 today so yes, I could be due in a couple of days! I didn't think of that just just go by the app telling me 🤭 Thank you, I will give it a go 😊 and let you know! Xx 
  • Go for a pink dye if you can, many ladies in this formum found out that they're more reliable, as in less chances of a faulty test.
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