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Trying to conceive 5 months - nothing!

Sorry for the rant but I’ve been TTC #2 for 5 months and still nothing. With my daughter I was pregnant by this time.

I don’t know what we are doing wrong each month. Do you think it will happen? Or is there a chance it’s a case of secondary infertility? 

I’m a bit stressed but I’m not majorly stressed. I still manage to enjoy things and chill out. I’m just so desperate for baby number 2 but it doesn’t seem to be happening.


  • Hey @Catj21, don't apologise for ranting along, it's healthy and that's what this forum is here for. 
    It takes healthy couples on average six months to a year to get pregnant. So that means you getting pregnant earlier than that means that was more like an exception! 
    Try not to stress yourself too much. I know it's hard, but maybe it will help a bit to know that you're totally within a "normal range". 
    Do you use ovulation strips or anything like that to track your ovulation dates? 
  • Thank you for your reply @Bundaberg. I don’t at the moment. But maybe I will buy some and try them out

    Thank you 
  • I find it to be extremely helpful. Sometimes the ovulation date is not when we think it is, and basically if you miss the day, the chances of conceiving are really low. I can't help you with the cheap OPK stripes or with basal temparature as I've never done it, I bought a clear blue fertility monitor, more on the expensive side but I love it. But that's me, I need something very easy to use and understand with no guesswork. 
    First month I used it I got pregnant (didn't stick though). So I guess it works :)
  • My second took 6 months and 3 of them months my periods had stopped altogether cos of stress ots hard but just go with it track ovulation and see if you  an start seeing a pattern in your cycle 
  • Thank you @Sj83
  • @Catj21 Don't know if you are watching your diet, but I recently decided to stop drinking beer and coffee to increase my chances of fertility. I tried fertility trackers but they didn't work for me, too depressing when it tells you all month you're not fertile and then the period comes, which is a sign you ARE fertile, so yeah, just trying every couple days to have sex on the right week and that's that.
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