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False positive or positive test

Last night i did a pregnancy test my last period was on the 4th of March I do suffer with PCOS but then did 4 clear blue tests today and all negative.

could this be a false positive?
should I wait another week?


  • Do you know what the sensitivity of the clear blue tests were? And the sensitivity of this one?

    I would expect that you are pregnant and that this test is correct. So a tentative congratulations! I'm expecting you've tested with the less sensitive version of clear blue which is why they're giving negatives (false negatives in this case probably).

    I would recommend getting hold of a FRER (First response early response) and retesting with that first thing in the morning with first morning urine. 🤞

  • I don’t unfortunately it was a Tesco’s brand one. I’ll get myself a First Response Early Response ready for tomorrow.
    Thank you so much for replying! fingers crossed I’ll try again tomorrow!
    thank you again.
  • I'd say your pregnant try and get a first response will give you a clearer result 
  • They look like mine did and my daughter is 13 month, re test with a first response hun and let us know xx
  • Done First Response all was negative xx
    thank you
  • It’s rare to get a false positive tho.. and those
    tests had second lines with colour.. I would contact your gp x
  • Hey Girls,

    I’m in a similar boat. I tested yesterday 4 days before expected period using FRER and straight away could see a very faint shadow. So many people say these show “false positives” or evap lines. 

    I’m thinking of testing Monday. I’ve had so many chemicals pregnancies, really don’t want it to be that again.

  • Hello,

    My last period was the 4th of March and I’m still getting negatives this was my only positive I’ll give it a week and test again 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼 If not I’ll call the doctor. I’ve literally spent so much on tests and waiting but it’s definitely showing negative. Fingers crossed will keep you updated.

    I’ve never heard of a chemical pregnancy 
  • Hello girls,

    Thought id let you know and update you all
    I am pregnant.
    I’m sure I’m 11 weeks today. (From the nhs website dates) Literally been on such a roller coaster of a rider after having that faint positive I seen a gynaecologist and also explained to my doctor they even told me I wasn’t pregnant and gave me  prescription for some tablets to take to help me come on my periods also metforming tablets (Haven’t taken them)

    i have got a scan today.

    I have been a little worried due to having some brown discharge nothing to alarming but had it for a few days started light now going darkish with previous miscarriage can’t help but think and worry hopefully get some answers today.

    thank you girls 

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