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Hi ladies, 
 Currently 7-8 dpo. 
I tested earlie even though I should of waited for a frer to come in post. Anyways just wondering if anyone is on the same journey and if they think this is a start of a like I tink it could well be just a indent but it is very visible and up within the time. But not sure as my last pregnancy ended in Mc I never tested earlie or on these as that particular month I said I wasn’t tracking ovulation or hcg. X


  • I feel like I can see a shadow of a line there, really hope this is the one for you my love xxx
  • @Lh8609 it isn’t showing me other threads to write to the girls I was wrighting too. Hopefully as I wasn’t going to try this month but other half was disappointed so said I would try. How many dpo were u wen u got ur bfp ✨♥️ Xxx
  • I was 9 hun and it was literally the faintest line x
  • Ok. I don’t know how I feel. Lol that’s amazing how r u keeping? Is bump making a bit of an appearance yet?? X
  • I’m ok thanks 6+5 today I just look a bit bloated lol. I lost my dad, the police found him yesterday early hours he’d been dead a few weeks so it’s been a difficult weekend and I’ve been spotting a bit but it seems to have stopped now. Just trying to take it easy. Are you going to test with a frer? If you are I’d definitely wait till 9-10 dpo I’ve got everything crossed for you xxx
  • Oh I had an early scan too and all was good 🥰 little heartbeat and baby in a good position x
  • @Lh8609 oh I’m so so sorry to hear the passing of your dad. God I can’t imagine how u are feeling but hopefully he is up there now watching over u and helping u grow ur little bump.. glad ur doing good and ur scan showed u that ur little baby is doing amazing. That’s all u could ever wish for. Yeah I’m going to order some now on amazon, I’m not to sure on dpo as on Saturday I wasn’t testing ovulation but on Saturday I had lots of cm clear so we dtd on Friday and then Sunday I got a strong ov so dtd and then Monday another strong but not just as strong as Sunday so dtd monday. So I’m not to sure if it was Saturday or Sunday or when my ovulation was lol. Again I’m so sorry about ur dad :(. Xxxx
  • thanks hun well it certainly sounds like you’ve got yourself covered! I will be eagerly awaiting your update 😁😁😁 x
  • @Lh8609 thank u. It never seems like we are covered enough does it lol I Duno could of done it more before or after lol.. 

    how is ur spotting has it settled down. It is most likely all the stress of ur dad passing which would be totally expected but am sure ur little bump is tucked up there nice and cosy ♥️ Xx
  • Yeah it’s stopped now thankfully. Really got everything crossed for you xxx
  • @Lh8609 ah that’s good it stopped missus. ah thank you. Other half says I’m not he thinks it’s never going to happen so I would love to surprise him. I will keep u posted xxx and thinking of u and ur family at this sad time. Take care of yourself if u ever wanna chat am always here.. 
  • Thankyou lovely xxx
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