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Need your advise ladies.

Hi ladies. I need your advise so I haven’t been feeling my self for the passes does days I have been feeling down and sad and emotional where I just start crying - I am due in my period today 26/4/21 I have done a test which was negative. My husband has noticed the change in me as well and saying that I’m not my self, cranky and look drained.  I do have pains in my stomach but not lower abdomen and I’ve been wanting to go to sleep early as well. My work colleagues said the same that I look sad n pale.

if you read this can you give me advise please 


  • I'm sorry that you're not feeling good. But it's not easy to give you an advice TBH. There could be a lot of reasons why you're feeling down. 
    - your AF is on the way and you're having pre-menstrual symptoms
    - you have a deficiency of vitamins or iron for example
    - you are under a lot of stress and/or pressure, I know TTC can take a toll on yourself
    - you are pregnant

    And lots of other reasons, those are just the ones that I could think of in a minute. Don't be too hard on yourself, let yourself be cranky, you can't always be a ray of sunshine all day everyday. But if you feel like something is off, go see a doctor and get your blood checked. 
  • Thank you for replying. I will rake tote advice on board.  If my period doesn’t arrive in a few days do you recommend doing another test? 
  • Yes, totally. Some women only got their positive a few days after AF was due. If possible, test with a first response, not a digital one. They are more sensitive and will show a positive quicker. 
  • Okay thank you. I did a first day response today but it was negative. I will do another by the end of the week if my period doesn’t start. This has never happened to me before as in feeling the way I am and emotional never experienced it 
  • I noticed in my 30s my hormone drop before AF arrives has gotten worse. I even mark it on the calendar so my hubby will know I'll be extra moody and crabby that day.
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