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How early do people tend to get BFP? I’m due in 6 days & took an Early Response test this morning but it was negative. I don’t know whether I’ve bee imagining cramping & nausea for past week! Are the early tests reliable or is there still hope?? I think I tested closer to my period with my first but feeling a bit deflated this morning with BFN 😓.


  • TeeAli22TeeAli22 Regular
    edited Apr 28, 2021 8:17AM
    I think it just depends on the amount of HcG you have! I got my BFP 2 days after AF due ... I didn't test before this date and a cheap strip test had the faintest line but the FRER had a strong line so had I have tested with FRER before I think I would have still seen a line. My sister tested negative 4 days after AF due and on the 6th day after AF due she tested positive, both with FRER I believe. Unfortunately she miscarried at 8+ weeks. 

    Hopefully still a bit early for you! I'd wait another 48 hours if you can but best of luck and fingers crossed! :) 
  • Hi @Sarah_b1984 and welcome!
    Most test claim to give you a positive result as early as 5 days prior to AF. They also sometimes claim to be as effective as 99%, which is a bit confusing or misleading actually. IF they give you a positive result it's 99% (or 99.9% accuarate). BUT as TeeAli wrote, your hcg levels need to be high in order to show a positive. 
    So don't worry if you tested negative, it doesn't mean you can't be pregnant. Some woman will get a positive very early, and some only a couple of days after AF was due. 
    In the end, it's up to you. If you can handle the negative tests, you can start testing every day. I can't, so I only test after I missed my period :)
  • Thank you so much for the responses ladies! The wait is so frustrating. I have no self control but I’m going to try & wait a few more days before testing again. Hopefully just a bit early! 🥰
  • Some ladies in here test every day, so if you can handle the potential negatives and don't get frustrated about it, I'd say go ahead :) You do what's best for you. 
  • I think I’ll try & save my pennies & limit myself to every few days! 🤣 Just have to try & occupy my mind 🤦🏼‍♀️.xx
  • All 4 of my pregnancies have been on day  or after af due 
  • Thank you for replying! I lost hope this morning when I had a brown coloured smear when I wiped & thought af was on her way but there’s not been any more & I’m not due on for 3 days so I dunno what’s going on now!! So frustrating!xx
  • Hopfully Its implantation bleeding if brown or pink good luck
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