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5days late no af and 4 bfn has any1 had a late bfp

Hi ladies I'm 5days late sore nipples sensitive sometimes too...CM like lotion sometimes sticky or watery a mixture had some cramps last two days comes and goes. I had a positive opk 5th April then a negative opk 3days later I really don't know what to think atm just either want bfp or af to show...has anyone had a late bfp please help !!


  • Top test took last night and bottom one I took this morning only cheapie tests 
  • Maybe be you ovulated later then you thought try again in a few days time or maybe ask at docs if in a weeks time sometimes  can just be irregular mine stopped completely for 3 months when I was trying for my second 
  • I'm sorry hun I can't see a line in the tests / pictures you posted. Are you usually regular then? Do you track your ovulation? 
  • @Bundaberg I know all I've had is bfn it's so frustrating 😫xx
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