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Evaporation or faint postive???


  • I did a test 9 days before my periods and got the faintest of lines my hubby couldnt see it but i could tell there was something there. Was just like ur first test as i retested everyday the line gof stronger and im expecting. Good luck hun x
  • @Abcde1234 aww congrats hun wish you health pregnancy...can I ask what test you used? Because reading other forums everyone saying these tests are terrible for evaporation lines so I'm still worried it's bfn x
  • Test on a first response these tests are known for giving evaporation lines good luck when is your af due I never got positives till af due 
  • Hun i literally used a cheap pound shop test. X 
    thank you hun. 
    Once u have past ur period date then the levels will start getting higher and line will be stronger xx 
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