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Miracle after 2,5 years of ttc

Two years ago I joined this forum to have a support and support others, but as my journey was longer than many others... I stopped popping in. It was too hard to see everyone get positives.
so now I’m here to give a ray of hope for others as it finally happened to me too.
Two long years with tears and diagnose of unexplained fertility I finally got my bfp yesterday.
Had my hycosy done three months ago (which probably helped), first holiday weekend after lockdown, no symptoms, no spotting. And to be honest I got tons of symptoms any other month except this. I actually thought I probably didn’t ovulate lol.
I was actually planing to go for my first treatment in June. No need for that now. Just fingers crossed everything goes well.
to those who TTC for a long period, don’t give up! It will happen x


  • Congratulations! Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months! 🎉👏
  • Congrats hun wishing you a happy 9 months 💖💙
  • Ahhh that is sooo amazing to hear!!! The biggest congratulations!! I’m at nearly 2 years now so I know exactly how you have been feeling!
    I wish you a really happy and healthy 9 months!! xxxxx
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