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Would love to hear yalls stories

I'm currently on cycle day 58 and 21 days late. On April 26 I got a positive test but every test after that was either really faint or negative. I went to the doctors today. Pee test was negative so they didn't want to waste time giving me an ultrasound and said they weren't worried about me missing my period until it's been 6 months. Got my blood taken and dr said he's 99.9% sure it's negative and told him I had been getting sick all week and he told me it was all in my head. Then prescribed me prenatal vitamins which I thought was weird. But has anyone ever had negative pee test but bloods came back positive.? 


  • Hi @Elizabeth18004, sorry you have to go through this, this is a lot. Unfortunately it sounds like you experienced a chemical pregnancy, meaning you were pregnant but the egg never fully implanted in the uterus. It usually happens around week 4 - 6 in the cycle. Unfortunately chemical pregnancies are extremely common. 
    But what I find a bit unusual is that you didn't get a period yet. And that they didn't do a scan when you were there. Is there a chance to go back or to go see a different doctor?
  • @Bundaberg i took a test just yesterday and it was faint but it was there. I've still been randomly getting sick. I've had no pms symptoms. I'll probably just go to another doctor.
  • Yes, trust your instincts and get yourself checked properly. I've heard too many stories of women who had complications during early stages of pregnancies that should have been looked into but weren't. 
  • @Bundaberg I've heard the same. It's just crazy to me I'm having all the symptoms but dr doesn't want to listen to anything I've got to say. If I'm not pregnant then why am I having so many symptoms and then why did he prescribe me a prenatal.? 
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    I can't say, but honestly the dr sounds a bit dodgy to me. 
  •  Whem I was trying for My second my periods stopped for 3 months I Was convinced I Was pregnant and had all the symptoms blood tests negative I then had a period then I fell pregnant sometimes your body does strange things 
  • @Elizabeth18004 Do you have universal health care? If so, that may be why the doctors downplay your symptoms or condition, so they won't have to spend extra time on you and spend extra government money. In worst case, go to a private doctor and pay extra for some peace of mind.
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