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Never happened before

Hello, everyone! 
I am looking for some help. I am currently 5dpo. I had my last period 1/5/21 until 4/5/21. I am currently working out as 25 day cycle, according to my app. But the Weird thing is I have been experiencing sore/sensitive nipples for the last 2/3 days. I never normally get sensitive/sore nipples. The only time my chest hits is when I am due my period but even then all of my breast/s hurt not just my nipples. (I am not due my period for 12 days)
We are trying to conceive and was wondering if anyone can you give me any advice please? 🙂


  • 5DPO is too early for most (probably all) people to be feeling pregnancy symptoms so I'd try to put it to the back of your mind. It's unlikely a fertilised egg would have implanted yet, that's more commonly around 8-9DPO. I would guess that you're just feeling a natural response to the progesterone rise that comes after ovulation.

    Fingers crossed for you for this month. 🤞
  • When your trying your start noticing everything  5 dpo is still really early egg wouslnt have implanted yet when I was trying my first month I had crazy pregnancy symptoms but wasnt pregnant the month I actually got pregnant I felt completely normal 
  • Hi everyone, took this test. Is this positive? 
  • The vertical line should be thicker than that so I'd be a little bit suspicious of that test result... However it is very clearly blue so I'd expect you probably are pregnant. Congratulations ☺️

    I would probably double check with another test just to be sure. But it definitely looks like you're pregnant.
  • Thank you, 😊 I originally went to the shop for a first response but they didn't have any. Fingers crossed will get a first response and test at the weekend x
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