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Has this ever happened to anyone else.?

'm currently on cycle day 65 and 28 days late and coming around to my next period. At 2 weeks late I took a test at night and got a bfp. Well after that every test was either super faint or negative. I go to the doctor on the 5th of May and urine test was negative so they did a blood fsh and not hcg and prescribed me 90 supply of prenatals. The man also told me to not worry about a missed period until it's been missed for 6 months. So I made another appointment to another dr office on the 11th of May. Urine test was positive but blood test was negative. Has anything like this ever happened to anyone and really was pregnant.? I feel like there's so much uncertainty and they aren't taking this as serious. They refuse to give me an ultrasound until blood is positive.


  • When I was trying for my second my periods stopped for 3 months everything was negative doctor said I can still get pregnant even if not bleeding I eventually had a period and fell pregnant after that 
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