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Not sure if I’m really pregnant

Hello I’m new here my name is Amber me and my husband decided that we want to try for a baby girl we currently have two boys and both times I became pregnant it was never planned. I just kind of found out by going to the doctor for another reason, so this time with me planning I decided to track my ovulation And Fertile windows. We have been doing the baby dance every day since my last period end it which was April 30 with the exception of missing two days. I have been feeling cramping in my lower abdomen But not too bad I did take a few pregnancy test and got some faint lines but you can hardly see them And I’m well aware that I am testing way too early but it’s so exciting maybe you guys can tell me what you think. I know nothing is for certain but we’re really excited and want to know if this could be true my period isn’t supposed to come until the end of the month and I ovulated on the 12th which was just a few days ago but again I’m just here to get others opinions as I have no one else to talk to about it. 
Thank you in advance.😊 btw I did insert some pictures sorry if it seems a little dark but it’s all I have.


  • I would just wait all of my positives have been clear once af is due read up on the dr shettles method if trying to conceive a girl I have two girls a boy and pregnant with another boy
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