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Has anyone used HealthAZ pregnancy tests (photo attached)

I'm just wondering if anyone has used the healthAz one step pregnancy tests (photo attached) I used them last month but they didn't show much till AF was 11 days late. by the time I got a faint line I think I miscarried (I say think as never got a clear positive) now I'm 3 days late and just used one (I know I should have waited till FMU but I couldn't wait) will try again in the morning. 

Anyone used them? And if so we're they any good for you or did you need to get different ones. 


  • Got this with fmu. Af is 3 days late. Going to order a first response 
  • Sorry I haven't used them, haven't seen them before and also unfortunately don't see a line. Do you track your cycles? 
  • sorry, track your ovulation I meant.
  • Ahh OK. My sis said she couldn't see a line where as my friend did (and me) I don't track it but I usually spot when I ovulate so I kinda know when. I've ordered a better test as I've seen alot of reviews saying these tests are not very good so will be testing 2moro. Thank you for your reply 
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