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I'm new here and looking for advice online. I came off the contraceptive pill about 3 months ago now, my first period after was 10 days late, and shorter and heavier than usual. This didn't worry me as i know periods can be irregular after coming off the pill. However i've missed my last two periods after this one. I haven't had any huge lifestyle changes that would affect my period, and aren't on any pills or birth control at the minute. I still seem to get all other symptoms associated with periods around the time both of them have been due (spots, bloating, hormones) but never the actual period itself; although i'm not sure if it's just placebo as i track my periods on an app so am expecting the symptoms around that time anyway. I've also taken several tests and i'm not pregnant 

Has anyone gone through anything similar to this or have any advice?? 



  • Hi @Jess2107 - yes, it was actually exactly the same for me when I got off the pill.
    First of all, the "regular cycle" you had while taking the pill was probably not your natural cycle. The pill mimics a 28 day cycle, but most women don't have that. For example, mine is 31 days. 
    It took me three cycles to get regular cycles. And like you, I just didn't get my period for two months. It's totally normal, your hormones need to get back in balance. 
  • When I was trying for my second my periods stopped for 3 months wasnt pregnant just my body trying to regulate 
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