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Pls tell is it implantation bleeding .

Plss help !!
I had periods on 14/03/2021 and on 12/04/2021  I was jst above my bf when he ejaculated ......
With an average cycle of 30-35 days , I missed my period which was due on 16/04/2021 .On 20/04/2021 I tested negative. ​on 23/04/2021 morning my periods hit me up! But the bleeding was lighter this tym , I
As my periods hit me after 40 days this tym instead of 30-35 ........
The bleeding lasted for 6 days but it
was lighter than earlier .today it's 21/05/2021 I'm confused wheter I'm pregnant 😭😭.....I don't wanna be !!...I'm waiting for my periods seeing this photo please tell is it implantation bleeding? the photo is of the first day bleeding of my delayed periods plss help me !!


  • there's no way to know if you're pregnant without taking another pregnancy test or getting a blood hcg test from the doctr. That is what I would suggest
  • Agree with the above 
  • I can't do that because I'm not able to go outside nowadays , and even can't tell anything at home bf is also in the same prblm.....

    U saw the pic of bleeding?....

    Is that looking like implantation bleeding or regular?
    My bleeding lasted for 6 days . Plss help🙏🏻
  • You can order tests at home. There is no way anyone can tell you if you're pregnant or not. 
  • If you had a negative test then started bleeding I'd say its unlikely that your pregnant some times af can just be late my implantation bleeding was hardly noticeable and was light pink and only happened once 
  • If it was implantation bleeding I don’t think it is supposed to soak a pad x
  • Thnks for some hope ....
    My right leg is paining since last night . Hope it's part of PMS . Waiting for periods 🤞🤞
  • Hi !
    On May 23 , at 9:00 pm I felt like something wet around vagina , ya that were my periods
    24 and 25,  I had heavy bleeding full day even that my pad was soaking within 4 hours......
    But at a sudden on 26 , it stopped from 10:00 am  and there was a little discharge till night.....
    Why this so happened that I bleeded for only 2 days ?
  • If your worrier I would maybe make a app with doctors stress can be a big thing delaying periods 
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