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Help!! 2 faint lines on 2 different tests but spotting?

Hey me and my fiancé have been TTC for 2 years now and we have had 2 chemical pregnancies in that time. We are currently just starting the process of going to a fertility clinic and a ultrasound scan showed that it looks like I have PCOS. I’m not sure when AF is due this month as I’m not sure when I ovulated last month. For the last 2 days I have had brown spotting but only when I wipe. I did a pregnancy test 3 days ago which was negative not even a squinter. Yesterday morning and this morning I’ve woke up feeling so sick so I decided to do another and I’m sure there is another line it’s faint but I’m sure it’s there but now I have also got red blood when I wipe but no cramps. I’ve also done a frer which came up positive too. Can anyone tell me what they think. Help would be appreciated. Thank you xx


  • I can def see a line hoping it's your bfp sometimes bleeding can happen and everything still be ok I would maybe ring gp for a blood test 
  • Thank you. I’ve got everything crossed but I don’t want to get my hopes up just yet with having 2 chemicals before but this time it just seems different. I have never spotted before with the chemicals. I’d take a test before period was due and then they would get fainter and fainter and then I’d have a full blown period and then tests would be negative. The spotting is only when I wipe and I’ve got a few cramps down below now but there frer test I took after 1 hour hold and the urine wwe diluted and I think it was darker then the other test x
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