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Period and cramping but test got darker?

So....I did a co op acutest early sign yesterday lunch time on which came back with a faint barely there line. I then did a frer at 5pm yesterday which came back with a faint line. Since Wednesday I’d be spotting brown on and off but then during the night last night I woke up to cramping and I had a full on period so I thought well that’s it..I’ve had chemical pregnancy before so I just assumed the worse and did another test this morning assuming I’d see a negative results as that is usually what happens when I start bleeding but to my surprise I did another frer and there’s another line and it’s darker then yesterday’s. so now I’m confused and don’t know what to do?? The one on the left is yesterdays


  • Some people do bleed relatively heavily in the early days, it's certainly not un heard of.

    I would assume you are still pregnant and would recommend retesting in a few days time to see if the test continues to get darker. Don't hesitate to call your local early pregnancy unit if you're worried and with heavy bleeding/pain though. They will be able to advise on what might be happening.

    Fingers crossed for you 🤞
  • Thank you so much for your reply!! Is it normal for it to feel like a normal period in the early days though. I’m going to go and CB digital and see what that says. I’ve been tempted to ring the early pregnancy unit but I just don’t want to be fobbed off and feel stupid lol.
    thank you. I have everything crossed. Been ttc for 2 years and had 2 chemical pregnancy’s in that time and I’ve just been referred to a fertility clinic due to suspected pcos xx
  • It can be normal to have period like bleeding and it can be normal to have period like cramps. Obviously it's impossible to say if it's normal in your case but time will tell.

    I wouldn't recommend getting a digital test. You definitely are/were pregnant, so a digital won't give you any extra information there. The question is whether the pregnancy is progressing well or not. For that I'd recommend sticking to FRER and retesting in a few days time to see if the line has gotten darker. By sticking to the same type of test you'll be able to compare line progression and get a better idea of what's happening.

    Alternatively you might be able to request HCG blood test checks if you speak to a doctor. They can check 48 hours apart to see if your HCG levels are roughly doubling. 🤞
  • Thanks for the advice. I went to boots and got a frer but unfortunately I couldn’t resist a CB digital🙈 The frer came up with another line and it’s a little bit darker then this morning and the digital came up with pregnant 1-2. Surely if it was a chemical pregnancy the lines would be getting lighter and the digital would say not pregnant because there not sensitive enough? 
  • It really depends on how far a pregnancy gets before it stops progressing...

    That's why I suggested waiting a few days and retesting with a FRER. Without getting a blood test to check HCG progression the best way to be sure is to wait a few days and retest with the same brand of test. For example right now the test could be darker because your urine was more concentrated than earlier.

    So I'd either retest with FRER in a few days and if it's noticeably darker then you can be confident everything is progressing as it should. 

    Alternatively if you wait a week and retest with a digital (with weeks indicator) then you should hopefully see 2-3. However I've known people need to wait longer than a week sometimes to be able to get the next measure on a digital even in a perfectly healthy pregnancy. That's why if it were me I'd opt for a FRER in a few days. I think it'll give you a better idea sooner. 

    ☺️ It all looks promising. It'll just take a few days before you can be 100% sure. 
  • Good luck, my partners ex didnt find out she was pregnant with their youngest till she was 24 weeks as she had a normal full on period every month. Hope the lines get darker for you, I agree frer is definitely the best to use due to it being so sensitive x
  • Thank you for the advice ladies!! The bleeding has pretty much stopped today so I had one day heavy bleeding and Im just spotting now. I also ended up in epu last night and they did a blood test. I got the result today and it’s only 28🙈 I’ve got to go back tomorrow for another xx
  • Good luck hun I hope it increases for you x
  • Thank you hun! I’m trying to not get my hopes up🙈 is 28 a bad thing would you say? X
  • The test on the far right is the one I did yesterday with the cb digital! 
  • Hcg levels can vary massively from woman to woman and pregnancy to pregnancy so I really couldn’t say, you want it to be rising though that’s the main thing. Lines look nice and dark 🤞🏼 X
  • Oh that’s fair enough! Nurse said it quite low to say according to my last period I would be 5 weeks today but my period vary every month and I’m not sure when I would have been due on this month as I don’t even know when I ovulated last month. I usually feel ovulation so I just assumed I hadn’t ovulated. More fool me eh🙈 fingers crossed they increase. I’ll keep you updated x
  • Theu look there getting stronger some woman do continue to bleed I would talk to go they may do a blood test congrats and I hope your little one is sticky 🤞
  • Thank you! Me too🤞🏻🤞🏻 The bleeding has completely stopped now and I have quite a few symptoms so I’ve got everything crossed x
  • So I went back to epu last night for my second hcg level and I’ve just got a call back. My first level was 28 and now it’s 78! She said it’s still quite low so I’ve got to go back in a week for another one next week! I am so scared🙈
  • How many hours were between the two tests @EmmaLouise1990 ?

    I think they're being quite pessimistic as they can't possibly know how far along you are so shouldn't really be commenting on 'too high' or 'too low'. So long as it's roughly doubling in 48 hours then there's not reason not to be optimistic! 

  • To give you some additional comfort this is a guide to 'normal' HCG levels. As you can see the early weeks can have very low numbers and be perfectly healthy. 

    You're definitely pregnant and things are progressing perfectly right now. Fingers crossed for a healthy and happy 9 months ahead! 🤞☺️
  • 48 hours😊 
    reading your comment has just made my day. Thank you so much! So am I allowed to get a little excited now? And it’s a good sign that they’ve more then doubled? 
  • Stay positive lovely, it’s a good sign that they’re a lot higher and as I said levels can vary, that chart proves it 🥰 x
  • Thank you for the pick me up☺️ That’s made me feel so much better! And thank you🤞🏻🤞🏻
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