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Late period after Mirena IUD are moved- read for details!

So, I got my IUD removed April 16 after having it for about 6 months. I bled heavily from April 18-22 (seemed to be a full on period).

We DTD (although not fully, if you know what I mean) on May 8 ( CD 21). 

I am now on CD 35 with no period. I had a LOT of white creamy discharge since CD 30 with some intermittent cramping. My cramps are various locations (sometimes side, sometimes center). I took a FR digital test on CD 33 and it was negative.

My cycles are usually 28-35 days and include tender breasts (not tender at all currently). 

Anyone have anything similar? Could my period just be very late? I don’t even have pink in my discharge, no blood in sight. What does the creamy discharge indicate? I’m talking like three wipes in the morning just to get all of it gone!


  • I'm not going to be much help, but I had my mirena coil removed on 4th May and also bled for 4 days which started 3 days after removal. 
    Maybe that bleed is just a withdrawal bleed and shouldn't be counted as a period? I'm only 2 weeks post removal so still waiting to see what happens with my cycles so can't say what my experience is! They say it can take 6 months for cycles to regulate!
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