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Pregnancy discharge vs PMS?

Short version: I’m trying to figure out if my discharge can be an early sign of pregnancy. Usually I get creamy discharge right before my period for a day or two, but I’ve had it now for 6 days (currently on CD 35) and also have had slight cramping intermittently. About two days ago I had so much creamy discharge in the morning I had to wipe like 3 times to get it all (sorry if TMI)! It’s been fairly wet, slippery, but also creamy. Took a test on CD 33 and got BFN. Long version: I got my IUD removed April 16 after having it for about 6 months. I bled heavily from April 18-22 (seemed to be a full on period). We DTD (although not fully, if you know what I mean) on May 8 ( CD 21). I am now on CD 35 with no period. I took a FR digital test on CD 33 and it was negative. My cycles are usually 28-35 days and include tender breasts (not tender at all currently). Anyone have anything similar? Could my period just be very late? I don’t even have pink in my discharge, no blood in sight. What does the creamy discharge indicate?
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