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Clear blue advanced ovulation tests 💜

So today was my first time using the clear blue advanced digital ovulation test and I got a peak result (static smiley). I’ve read that you’re meant to receive a low result so the test can see your base level and then get a high and/or then peak result. I’ve  also never got a positive test this early in my cycle. Has anyone else got a peak the first time they used it? Should I assume ovulation will occur in the next 12-36 hours? Or is my test stick broken? 


  • Just thought I’d update and say I took two Premom ovulation strips after this and got positives on both of them and now they’re fading into negative so I’m assuming I’ll ovulate today. 
  • Definitely was ovulating... just tested and I’m pregnant! 
  • Congrats wishing you a happy 9 months 
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