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Am I pregnant?

We have been trying to conceive a baby for over a year now and decided to stop recently because we are getting married next month. We had 1 night unprotected and now I am 2 weeks late for my period. I have taken several tests all to be negative. I took this today and it was negative…10 minutes later it looked like a this. Is it positive or evaporation line?! Im so excited but worried it’s not positive and I’m getting my hopes up. Thanks xx


  • Hi @Aims1990!
    Unfortunately recently those clear blue tests are really bad and show false positives, mostly outside or very late into the time frame (after like 5min) and also with a very thin line. That might be what's happening here. Doesn't have to be of course. Can you buy another test, maybe a frer? Or a digital one, being 2 weeks late, a digital would show a positive already. 
  • I would try a First response being two weeks late you should have a strong positive on there now I would say it does look positive but clear blue isnt always reliable fingers crossed for you 
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