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Ovulation test when af is due or late.

Anybody ever take a ovulation test when af is due or late. As I never tested with these so far up. I just said I would try and yestrday was dark but today is a lot darker. Is there a chance if a surge before period? 


  • I read a while a go (someone asked the same question) that many will get a LH surge around 24h before AF arrives. Also, opk can pick up hcg hormones and show positive, but you will get a BFP with a hcg test before that happens. 
  • Nireland2020Nireland2020 Regular
    edited May 31, 2021 1:28PM
    I haven’t tested at all this month so was wondering if it happened other ladies been having tests like this prob 3 days now only getting darker. Will pick one up tonight. Thanks for ur reply x
  • Took a test. 💛💛💛♥️

    So if ur getting strong ovulation tests when af is due I would highly say they are like hcg tests 
  • Congratulations!! Xxx
  • @Lh8609 thank you. How r u feeling and how is ur little bump coming along? Hope all is good. X
  • I’ve had a right naff time so far, been feeling awful. Complete opposite to my pregnancies with my girls! I’m 12 weeks today got my scan next Monday can’t wait. How u feeling? X
  • @Lh8609 oh no way. It could be that it’s a boy maybe and making u feel so rubbish.. I hope u start to feel better soon & are passed the hard part. Say u can’t wait till ur scan? Have u had one yet or is this your first one? I’m grand flying big shock as this month we said that we weren’t trying n I had been on 4 different antibiotics n strong pain killers etc. so it was a shock. X
  • I had one at 6 weeks but it was just a little blob with a heartbeat lol, yeah everyone thinks I’m having a boy my fella is convinced lol. Bless ya I’m so happy for u x
  • Ah that’s amazing news. Thank god little bump is ok, say u just can’t wait til ur next one ✨can’t believe u are 12 weeks already gosh it doesn’t be long going either. I had planned to stop ttc I even went dress shopping, but what’s to be will be. I’m trying to be excited but don’t wanna get to excited am scared it could happen again this time. :(
  • Will you have and early scan to put your mind at rest? X
  • @Lh8609  I rang my local midwife beside me and she says that i could be under my local hospital with having the blighted ovum & being on such strong antibiotics and pain killers wen concieving. But she says if u haven’t heard anything by 8 weeks to go into her and she will scan me. I’m only 5 weeks lol I can’t imagine waiting but I’m terrified to go for a earlie scan. How earlie did u go hun? Did u go by ur period to be sure or when u ovulated. ?? 
    It’s so stressful but I don’t know I feel positive for some reason this time. But u just never no :(
  • Try and keep your chin up lovely. I was 6 weeks 5 days by my period and measured 6+2. Baby was in a good position and we saw a little heart beating. I can feel it fluttering around in there I had and orange juice ice lolly earlier and it went mad 🤣 x
  • Ahhh so amazing.. am so happy your little bean is moving around n keeping u busy. I just hope u start to feel more better soon..ah I hope all is ok this time. I was nervous as I had in my head I wasn’t having anymore til at least 2.5 years but as I say what’s for u won’t pass u. Is there a big age gap in your girls I can’t remember what u said. My girls are 5 and 3. Xx
  • His boys are 13 and almost 11 my girls are almost 12 and 7 so fairly big yeah. Definitely, everything happens for a reason hun x
  • @Lh8609 ah but it will be so exciting to have a little baby in the house soo exciting ✨ that’s amazing that use both have 2 girls and 2 boys so what ever little bump is will make ur we family..and a winner of a good few babysitters getting lined up in a couple of years lol have u any weird cravings or anything? Ur finding it a lot different to the girls? X
  • No weird cravings no I’ve actually lost weight as just been totally off food and can’t drink tea or coffee either. Totally polar opposite to my girls I’ve felt so rough whereas with the girls I wouldn’t have known x
  • @Lh8609 ah that’s crazy.. gosh how every pregnancy is different it’s just a miracle xxx
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