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Earlie scan & Previous Mc nerves

hi ladies, 

So had a Mc back in feb. 

got my positive test this week. 
I’m working out at 4+5 from LMP.

im nervous as clear blue only said 1-2 weeks :(
I have booked a scan in for 7 weeks. Is that to earlie or any one been for a scan and had a positive out come. As I’m so scared to go and see a empty sac again and it’s eating me up with nerves :(


  • Sharing with you my experience, I had a MC back in 2018 Feb. Baby stopped growing at 7 weeks.

    I remember in Oct 2018, my AF was late by a week and I kept getting negative so I went to see a doc and did a scan and I was told it was just a missed period as my uterus wall shows that I won't be getting my period anytime soon. I was devastated.

    Then in Jan 2019, I was late again and tested negative (I bought so many pregnancy test that I have lost count) I was late for 7 days (I stopped testing when i was 5 days late) and then caved in and book an appointment with my doctor (I was so worried that its just a pure missed period) I am not sure how many weeks along was that probably 5 weeks. During the scan, doc can't find the sac but she noticed that my uterus wall was unusually thick but she kept quiet and made me pee on the stick. It came back positive. I ovulated later than expected hence it was too early to see the sac. 2 weeks later, I went for another scan and the doctor found the sac and for a moment he couldn't find the fetal heart (I am not sure if this is the right term) I was so nervous and I thought I could faint anytime. Then he found it and then the room was filled with the sound of the heartbeat. My son is 20 months now. And I now on my journey for my second child. Its like starting all over again.. Its tiring but it sure is rewarding. We have been trying for 6 months now.. 

    Fingers crossed that you will move to another group and have a good pregnancy :)
  • I had a mmc back in sept 2018 then we got a positive in nov 2018, we had a scan at about 7 weeks and saw the heartbeat 💗 wishing you all the luck!
  • @milecyoj  am so sorry to hear u suffered a Mc also. It’s just makes everything so much scarier when ttc.. are u in the tww or anything?? I wish all the baby dust for u.. thank u for taking the time to reply.. @MrsD90  mine was a mmc also. It makes the second pregnancy even more scary. Thanks so much, I changed my scan date so that I will be 7+6 on day of scan so I hopefully should def see something by then. Are u currently on a ttc journey? X
  • Good luck hun, we went in a 6+2 and got a clear view of our little bean and a heartbeat. 7 weeks is a good time for an early scan 🤞🏼😘 x
  • @Lh8609 amazing news am so so happy for u missus. other half was nervous not even wanting one so I am 7+6 on the earlie scan. Just hope my anxiety calms down as I found with all my pregnancy very earlie on my anxiety goes through the roof.. 
  • I think it will definitely put your mind at rest my love it did us. How u feelin? X
  • @Lh8609 I would of loved to of went wen I was like 6 but then I’m afraid if they can’t see anything and then I have to do the two week wait and it may be ok. So I said I would leave it til am a bit further on instead of that. Don’t know why as it makes no difference. Am feeling good yeah, not light headed or anything like that. So hopefully all ok, going to try settle now for the next couple days lol 
  • definitely worth waiting, part of me wishes we’d waited a bit longer to see a bit more and I always knew there was a chance I’d have to do the dreaded wait if they didn’t see anything. But it all worked out ok, I’m sure it will be fine for you too 🥰 x
  • Thanks so much. And I know exactly what u mean, but ur so lucky u got to see ur little bean so earlie and now u get to see it again now next week. Say u can’t wait to have ur scan over u and u can then settle. Will u find out the gender?? Cx
  • Yeah we’ve got a scan booked for July 15th I’ll be about 18 weeks then x
  • @Lh8609 ah so exciting. I found out on my last 2 i had to lol Did u know with your last pregnancies?? 
  • Yeah I’m too impatient lol. We’ve said we will find out with this one and if we have one last one we would do the whole surprise thing as there’ll definitely be no more after that haha x
  • @Lh8609 I know I would love to be able to do the whole surprise. I honestly don’t know if I could hold it and not find out. I’m super nosey lol.. 
  • Same 🤣 how u today? I’m at work and I feel sooooo sick. My mums got my girls tonight and his boys are home with their mum so we’re going out on a date night 🥰 I can’t wait x
  • I’m ok, had really bad cramps dismorning but they have left now thank god. Did u notice bad cramps so earlie?  Oh no way, have u had enough breakfast or water?? Ah such a nice thing to look forward to, what use going to do tonight. Be nice to just relax won’t it and not worrie about organising the kids lol xxx
  • Yeah I’ve eaten and drinking plenty of water. 12+3 today so it should start to ease off soon hopefully. I did have cramps I still get them now hun. We’re going out for drinks and dinner at a Japanese place. Looking forward to mocktails lol x
  • Oh hun I hope it does and u get to relax and enjoy ur night. Have I anything nice planned to wear?? God that sounds like such a nice eve say u can’t wait to get home and get ready to just relax.. 
  • I’ve got a really nice new jumper dress since it’s warm but not like too hot. Just be nice to get a bit of time alone you know how it is 🤣 x
  • @Lh8609 I hope u had a lovely evening relaxing. I have been having bleeding all day it’s light but there every single time I wipe so have an app with epu on Monday at 11:30 but I’m not to hopeful with this pregnancy xxx
  • I did Thankyou, I’m so sorry hun I hope it eases off 😕 I bled right up till 10 weeks with my youngest, never did find out why. Are you having cramps at all? X
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