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Covid Jab when trying for a baby.

I’ve heard some people say the covid vaccine can effect fertility? Anyone else heard this or not? If not are people who are trying having there’s still x


  • Hi, I would chat to your gp about any questions or fears u have. As they would be the only person basing things prob on stats of people who have taken the vaccine and has concieved etc. they may have those numbers. But other wise people will be just issuing their opinion and u should only be choosing one way and that’s your way that u decide. It’s a very hard thing to decide on I personally though. Where I am in Northern Ireland I still haven’t heard when I will receive, but now I am 5 weeks preg so I’m even more nervous. As I heard stats on if a pregnant women gets covid it can cause still birth the rates are low but it could be a factor. So everything is worth chatting to ur doctor about if u have any worries. Xx
  • There are doctors who are open about what they see with the jabs and those who keep mum. I recommend this video from bitchute, with doctors sharing their professional opinions on the topic. My takeaway, better safe (without the jab) than sorry.
    Maureen McDonnell on what's happening when people take the jab - "We are getting reports from around the world. Women are bleeding for weeks, some of them are not getting their period, some post-menopausal women are bleeding, some people are passing large clots, women in pregnancy are developing clots, women are experiencing miscarriages..."

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