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Testing in June thread 🌞



  • Hi ladies, I have just downloaded premom and I am on CD10 now. its my first time using the app and I took the picture of the ovulation tests however, I realized there are many headers at that section. there is [email protected], premom others hcg and pdg. I am using the strip type of ovulation test. Can I know under which header should i be recording the test? THank you very much
  • @Jessiebella ah yes I kind of feel the same. I’m just waiting on progesterone tests to come back but I had them just as I’d ovulated so they came back abnormal but assuming they’ll come back normal once they are repeated. Although I feel relieved and relaxed that everything so far is normal, there’s still part of me thinking.. why hasn’t it happened then if everything is normal?! 
    I think they’ll refer my OH for SA once my progesterone is back. 

    How were your tests? 
  • @milecyoj it depends on the brand of opk strips you got as [email protected] is owned by premom so of you dont have either of their brands then put in other. Hcg is where you put your pregnancy tests and pdg are progesterone tests. Good luck! Warning its addictive xx

    @SP28 hi I had bloods first 21day progesterone was low at 15 but that was before I started using opks. Turns out I O 4-5 days later than the average cd14 so flo app has been predicting my fertile window the week before I'm actually fertile! Using opks for a while n started bbt this month for data for fertility clinic. I had an USS pelvis in may which was all normal. Oh had SA yest so just waiting for results of that. They said 2-3 weeks. Fingers crossed all is good with him n that weve just been BD on wrong days xx
  • @Jessiebella hope all is well with the SA. Hopefully just a case of bad timing for you both 💛
  • @Jessiebella were staying in St Ives, ive never stayed there before so I'm excited, and excited to have a well deserved break!
    I'm a little worried this month as I'm feeling very stressed with work, and I know I need to try to keep stress levels down...but then I can't help but think its been 18months of trying and I haven't felt stressed all the time, so does it even matter!? But i will be trying to destress as we head towards our fertile window, any tips for general stress and reducing it?
  • @SP28 well soon see. Like I said now the tests are done it feels like a weight lifted as nothing I can do about it now lol xx

    @_Abby_ aww I love st Ives its beautiful you'll have a great time! I've been quite a few times n always love it especially when we have good weather. Theres a beautiful burger place next to the chip shop on harbour was amazing. The thai place Is nice too n dont have to book either just go early to thainplace. I'd say book in advance in most other places though as can get really busy. We went last Sept and it was crazy busy as nobody could go abroad. Have a lovely time. For stress n relaxation what works for me is pampering.. massages, facials, baths n general self care. Also getting into yoga which I didnt think I'd enjoy but has alot of benefits xx
  • @Jessiebella thanks for the recommendations, I've booked a lot of eating out spots because of covid most don't allow you to walk up now, but will definitly look out for the thai place as haven't booked there yet!

    I do yoga once a week, have been for about 2 yrs and i defo think it helps...but I've tried to do my own session and I'm hopeless, i need tobe part of a class even if just online!
    I would love to get a massage actually, never really thought of that with covid and everything going on...a good idea, thanks! Xxx
  • Hi all, I'm back after a doctor induced break from ttc! Hoping we just nail it on this cycle...a lot of positive thinking only! 9dpo... Only symptom is ridiculous amount of gas. Trying not to buy any sticks until day of AF 🤞
  • Bored of being on my period now! Yawwnnnn!!! I just want to start opks as I feel like I'm doing something and that makes me feel better, makes no sense I know 😅

    Hope everyone is doing OK - can't wait to see some BFP this month xx 

    Oh also, I have a few apps but I don't pay for any of them. Are there any particular ones where you think you glad you paid for it? I'm looking at premom as I really like the photos of the tests etc, thought I'd ask here for opinions 🙂🙂 xx
  • @Iski2021 welcome back! Dr induced? Good luck 🤞🤞🤞

    @NorthernGirl I use flo n premom. I think premlms the best tbh xx
  • @Iski2021 welcome back! Dr induced? Good luck 🤞🤞🤞

    @NorthernGirl I use flo n premom. I think premlms the best tbh xx
    Sounds odd like that doesn't it! Some ladies may recall I was so frustrated at the beginning of the year I did some at home blood tests which flagged some issues. Anyway fast forward and a hycosy showed some issues that needed surgery. I have had an agonising year of ttc and all the ups and downs that go with it for no reason as it would have been impossible to conceive! Have been signed off now and 🤞
  • Cd13 for me today and Premom reckons today was ovulation day and that I got my peak yesterday. Typically we’ve had quite a busy week this week and husband is working shifts so we didn’t get the chance to bd until this morning. Not holding out much hope but you never know. This is our first month ttc again after two months break. Trying to not get too stressed with it all. I’ve only got a couple more ov sticks left and not sure whether to buy more or just try a few months listening to my body and “try without trying” if that’s makes any sense haha. Hope everyone is doing ok 
  • @Iski2021 ohh I see that makes sense now I was confused lol! Sorry to hear about your troubles but hopefully you catch quick if you are all sorted now. I dno what's worse cuz all my tests have come back normal but it's just not happened. I'm on cycle 20 ttc waiting for OH SA results atm. On cd14 waiting for peak.. works been busy yest n today so no BD tonight maybe tomo xx
  • @Jessiebella ahh I know what you mean when some of my first tests came back fine it was so frustrating. It's odd to want something to be wrong isn't it but then at least it makes sense. I have all my digits crossed for you the baby dust clicks and good luck for the test results. I have to say after our SA came back with superb results I was so jealous I was a horrid person!

    @Emmstar84 why don't you try to wing it this cycle since youre probably the most relaxed of that's a thing from the break and then if you need to but hopefully not next time start up the opks?!
  • Also am 10dpo today. Woke up with the sudden urge to hurl. Felt like I'd had a massive night out. POAS and the Frer I swear started to show two lines but it's now 30mins and it looks like a bfn there's no point even sharing a photo! But might test at 12dpo 🤞
  • @Iski2021yes I think we are going to just wing it the next few cycles and see what happens x
  • @Iski2021 fingers crossed for you if you test in a couple of days x
  • Hiya All,

    I'm 7dpo AF due 19th June. Praying for a BFP just in time for father's day 🥰
  • Hi all I'm CD 16 still waiting for LH peak last month I peaked on cd16 so was expecting same today but nothing yet. Will keep using opks and we did the bd today as assumed I'd peak. Maybe tomorrow xx
  • Hey ladies just moving over from the May thread. We were away when AF arrived at the start of June but for once I didn’t have a breakdown. I just thought onto the next one. I had a chemical in April then had my covid jab in May and as a result ovulated later than expected. So I assumed my dates had changed now and I’d be ovulating around 19/20 May so started using the CB connected tests yesterday which was CD 11, I got a low reading so thought that’s fine I’ll prob get a peak by the end of the week….to my surprise I got a peak this morning at 7am  so as expected we quickly got on with the BD. I tested with Premom too and yesterday it was 0.27 low then this morning it jumped to 1.25 peak and now it’s back down to 0.70 high. I’m thinking I must have gone from low-high-peak in a matter of hours rather than days. Has this ever happened to anyone? Gone from low-peak in around 24 hours? 

    If we do fall pregnant this cycle which will be a miracle….at least I’ll know what date we conceived 🤣
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