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Testing in June thread 🌞



  • @Jessiebella have u had accupuncture before?  When using it for fertility does it matter the day in ur cycle that you have the accupuncture? Xxx
  • Hi ladies 

    I have been quite as I'm just getting bloody frustrated! 
    So I moved onto a new batch of OPKS and the lines just seem so much lighter and, even the C line, you can definitely tell it's a different batch!? I just get them from eBay. 
    So as you can see CD19 the line looks so much lighter than some of them but it said it was the peak!? I'm confused as other lines look much darker? 
    Could anyone have an idea Why?
    I did have EWCM around then and DTD, also had apps saying different ovulation dates so tried to cover it all. 
    Trying to be positive but with these test sticks I don't think so, it's all v confusing to me!! 

    I use one step, maybe change what I'm using? They are just cheap and I have been doing loads! 

    @[email protected] sorry you're out this month, it definitely never gets easier xx

    @_Abby_ handy your TWW landed then, keeps your mind off it. Where abouts did you go in Cornwall, we're going in September 👍🌞💛

    @emmastar84 it definitely does not get easier does it. Hope some luck comes your way

    @hannah22 I missed where abouts you're up to? How's it going? 

    Has anyone got a BFP this month? 
  • Oh I tried to edit to say, I don't think I even ovulated. Apart from my CM there was no other indication and as you can see every test I have taken is negative. 
    I did have a high reading after my period but that was from a different batch of sticks which I just don't think were right (I was getting super duper high readings last cycle and the start of this from the same batch, then nothing on the new batch so I'm more inclined to belive the new batch)
    Sorry major waffle xx
  • Hey everyone!
    been super quiet lately - running a restaurant in Cornwall right now is bloody hectic!!! (@_abby_ I’m sure you can understand exactly what I mean 🤣🤣 hope you’re enjoying your trip down here! 😁)

    but while my heads been on other stuff the TTC journey has been flying forward without me really noticing 😳😳

    we had our first fertility appointment on Wednesday and I’m now booked for a scan in 2 weeks and I’ve been referred for a laparoscopy 🥴 not looking forward to that but amazed at how quick it’s all happening - should get a date for that in “weeks rather than months” 

    They’ve kicked off the IVF referral too as we’re old 🤣 (me 41 oh 49)
    we can’t get it funded because of my age, gutted. But it’s something worth spending on 🤷🏼‍♀️

    Those of you thinking about starting treatment - just do it! Don’t hang around! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
    Covid held us up and our chances have got so much lower in the meantime ☹️ Staying hopeful though!

    the “natural” journey is a more positive one this cycle too…
    OH was oddly rampant 🤣🤣 so we definitely covered fertile period. I got a peak on the OPKs but haven’t done any testing since…. Been so busy I kept forgetting and then specialist told me to scrap it and just BD every other day from end of period to day 13/14 🤷🏼‍♀️

    Im 12dpo today, been getting lots of weird tummy sensations and feeling sick so you never know 🤷🏼‍♀️ TWW has flown by though and I’m totally chill about it 👍🏼
    Can definitely recommend being busy for the sake of your sanity - I hasn’t realised how much lockdown made me obsess!!! 

    Big love to those of you slammed by AF 💜💜 I’m due in 3 days…. Watch this space 🙄🙈

    good luck and baby dust to everyone still in! 💜💜💜💜

  • @NorthernGirl we're staying in St Ives.  It's gorgeous,but if you want to eat out here you need to book a month in advance!

    @KelB79 completely itis crazy busy everywhere...we keep getting cancelled restaurants due to covid as St Ives is a hot spot, but it's not stopped us enjoying it.  Todays rainfall has somewhat dampened plans but we still went to see lands end and for lunch in Portleven as my OHs best friend grew up there.
    I really hope you get lucky this month love,perhaps the relief of knowing things are moving forward for you is good.  

    I found nhs fertility testing very quick once we got going with it, but unfortunately don't qualify for IVF as we have a 4 year old together already, we are also considering a private IVF referral but wanted to enjoy our holiday and summer to see if the summer mood can help us naturally conceive.  My OH said the other day he just knows this month is the one, but I don't want to get my hopes up for them to be shot down again when AF arrives, approx CD 23 for me today....can u believe I actually had to check the app because I lost track!
  • @_Abby_ thanks for the tip! We are not far from there, in a little hamlet not too far away. Won't bank on eating out then! Hoping it will be sunny so lots of picnics! 

    Guys what would you say this is? Left over sperm from last night or EWCM? Far too much info, sorry! But I can't tell the difference still, any opinion would be appreciated! Negative cheapie opk btw...
  • Northern girl- oh you did make me laugh! :) I would say it looks like left over sperm mixed but just a guess. 
    I'm ok thank you. My little girl has been off school most of the week with laryngitis and the week before we were given the wrong medication by the young doctor at the surgery so this week haven't been dwelling on the wait.. I'm on CDD 26 so due soon. I've had a couple of period symptoms so think I'm unlucky this month :( 
    I don't do any of the apps, just the sticks. I did found it odd that the app said your peak was on one of the lighter ones when that obv wasn't the case. Could there be something wrong with the app? 

    KelB79- That's great news! What a relief that you're not having to wait long for investigations. 
    I'm guessing you have a 28 day cycle then if specialist has told you to bd until then. My cycle is longer so I bd or try to up till day 17. 
    Good luck with this month! Less stress is always a good thing :) 

    Fingers crossed for everyone else :) 
  • Hey ladies hope all is well there. I out this cycle. I have been hopeful as I feel different from the previous months but yea it didn’t happen so I will be moving on to the next month.. TWW is a pain!! Baby dust to all.. and I don’t hope to see you ladies in the July thread 😊
  • So confused! 
    So I had an odd ov where it went from low - peak in a day and I only did opk tests for 3 days. I know I’ve probably missed the boat. 

    Since 8dpo I’ve felt sick, tired and had cramping. 

    12dpo - brown spotting
    13dpo - brown spotting 
    14dpo - today, brown spotting and no AF. BBT drop to well below what I think is cover line as I didn’t temp properly this cycle. 

    I never get 3 days of spotting it’s normally spotting then the next time I go to pee it’s a full blown period. 

    I’ve done over 20 Premom hcg tests since 8dpo I find them so hard to read they also have indent lines so I’m just saying they’re all negatives. 

    I did a FRER yesterday and that was a BFN.

    I have no idea what’s going on don’t know if I am pregnant or not. Feeling pretty low and crap. 

    Any advice anyone?
  • @LittleBirdie so sorry your cycle is confusing this month.
    When i last fell pregnant (wasn't meant to be) i had implantation spotting for 1 day *brown spotting, and waitied to test for 5 days as I'd read online implantation takes a while to build the HCG that a test detects and i didn't want to see a BFN.  Could your spotting actually be implantation? Is it a few days prior to your expected AF?
  • @_Abby_ sorry to hear about your loss. Yeah it may be but my bbt drop is suggesting it could be AF on the way. I’ll ride it out and see what happens. 

    This journey just seems to be getting harder and harder.  I conceived with my first within 6 months even though my DH had a low sperm count and I was 37. Last cycle was our 6 month mark and I knew this one was going to be mentally draining for me and sure has lived up to it. 

  • Littlebirdie- I had the same last month. I thought it was my period starting but it was just spotting for three days which hadn't happened to me before. Then the same day I did a test and got a bfn my af arrived. But that was just me. It could also be implementation bleeding so if af doesn't arrive do another test. 
    How old is your first? 
    It is so bloody hard, it isn't just the bfn, it's our bodies playing tricks on us, doing something out the norm and period symptoms being so similar to pregnancy symptoms. I wish our bodies could just behave, if we aren't pregnant just come, on time please, no messing us about!!

    mileycyoj- sorry to hear you are out. I liked your hope I don't see you ladies in the July thread :) 
  • @hannah22 well AF arrived a couple of hours ago so I’ll be moving over to the July thread wherever it is.

    I’ve got a little girl who’ll be 2 in July. I’m 39 now and I feel like my age is playing a big part on all this. We do have a fertility referral going through at the moment so hope something comes back soon and we get booked in to get ourselves checked out. 

    I know I’m putting a lot pressure on myself to try and have baby number 2 before I’m 40 and because I don’t want to leave a big age gap between my little and one and baby. 
  • @LittleBirdie sorry to hear you're out for this month.
    I'm cycle 19 TTC 2nd and I wish I could say it gets easier, but it only gets harder for me.  With my first we fell pregnant not ever TTC, so foolishly thought 2nd would be easy!
  • Littlebirdie- Don't put so much pressure on yourself. Easier said than done I know. My little girl is 4 and I always wanted two and thought that a 2 yr age gap was ideal. But then my oh said he didn't want another one and has only this year changed his mind. But tbh when my little one was 2 I couldn't imagine having a baby to look after as well. I felt she needed me too much. And she has benefited as she has had all of my attention. She starts school full time in sep and for me now would be a better time to have another one.
     I've also got quite a few friends whose children with the bigger age gap get along better than the siblings with a smaller age gap. So please don't stress about that gap. 
    You and your oh are doing everything you can to make it happen. Fingers crossed for you. 
  • Thank you ladies, I really appreciate your kind words and support.

    I’m feeling more positive now and just need AF to pack her bags and leave by the end of the week. Then I’ll be 100% back to myself and back on it. 

    Do you know if anyone’s created a July chat? I couldn’t find anything. 

  • @_Abby_ hey sorry been busy not been on here much! She said after cd5 you can have acupuncture for fertility. I was cd7 when I had it. You can also have acupuncture around implantation time or slightly before to prepare for implantation. We shall see! Waiting for LH peak atm didnt find it last month xx 
  • @LittleBirdie I'll be doing a July thread in a min 
  • Hi all.. just done a July thread for those that are still in the game xx
  • @Jessiebella no worries, let us know how u get on...did u find it relaxing or peculiar actually having it done? Xxx
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