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Testing in June thread 🌞



  • Still hanging on in there! AF due today or tomorrow but wouldn’t be surprised if it’s messed up this month, lots of stress with work! Which in itself doesn’t give me confidence about our chances this month! 
    Getting cramps today that feel different to my normal period cramps but yesterday was getting classic cramps so not got high hopes 🥴
    big love to those of you out for this month, I’ll probably see you in the July thread later! 😏
  • @KelB79 fingers crossed for you, when I saw an email pop up saying you’d commented on this thread I did a little please please please let this be good news and that this was your BFP. Xx. You’ve done so well to not test I’m a POAS addict 🙈
  • @LittleBirdie oh bless you 💜💜💜💜 it quite literally is the worst timing for me to actually get a BFP so I’m hoping that’s the law of SOD will play a part!! 🤣🤣 
    still awaiting the dreaded AF… due yesterday….. been having cramps so expecting it 😏 meh!!!
    but at least her arrival means moving forward with the fertility stuff and I’ll get a scan on CD10 👍🏼👍🏼
    So sorry you’re having such a confusing and tough time chick, guess it must be hard when your first was easier and you just expected the second to be the same. Thinking of you!! Best of luck and baby dust for the July cycle xxxxxx
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