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4 days Late Period...Negative Test

I had sex on what i believe was my ovulation window. My last period was May 20, 2021 and my expected period was June 14, my cycle is 25-26 days. I am NEVER more than a day late! And af usually appears first thing in the morning! I have taken two tests and both were negative :/ I am feeling really discouraged! Has anyone ever gotten a bfp after getting a negative test? I would really love to hear some positive stories :/ much appreciated!

Also, I have been cramping nonstop all week. They are similar to pms cramps but less painful and dull. I have no other pregnancy symptoms but, today I did wake up with burning nipples and heavy boobs, which is not a usual pms symptom for me. 


  • Hi @bello321xo - I take it you don't track your ovulation, other than with an app or a calendar. So it might be possible that you ovulated later than you think this month. Did you do anything different this month - did you have to take medication, were you stressed more than usual, were you ill, did you have the covid jab? 
    Other than that unfortunately there is not much you can do but wait. You're not out until AF shows up. If you ovulated later, than there's still a chance to get a BFP :)
  • @Bundaberg Hello thank you for your reply! I am restless tonight. But you're right I don't track my ovulation other than my app that I use :/ . I haven't been ill or stressed more than usual lol and no medications added to my routine. That's why I am so confused with my cycle right now, I am never late and I feel like I'm going to get my period but nothing ! It's just cramping and weird pinching feeling in my lower abdomen. And my cervix feels hard ? I can't explain it, it feels sore when i do a sort of kegel clench lol. But I believe you're right and it's just going to be a frustrating waiting game! Fingers crossed! :smile:
  • Ugh still nothing, I am getting so frustrated :/
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