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indent line? or bfp?

so far this month has been ridiculous, i haven’t had my period since the 21st of June, in which, my periods have been irregular since coming off of bc last year anyway, but now it is the 27th, and AF still has not made her appearance. ive also has numerous symptoms of pregnancy, cramping but no bleeding, frequent urination, random waves of nausea. but i have taken two frer tests, one on 6/25/2021 in the middle of the day, right after work (just held in my pee) and this is where the madness starts. i saw a VERY FAINT pink line. like, faint enough that it’s barely noticeable. in this pic i have upped the definition and saturation so you can see it. the next day, 6/26/2021 i tested again and got ANOTHER FAINT PINK LINE... but i go to take a clear blue test, and it’s a bfn. so im wondering if these are indent lines. thoughts are VERY MUCH appreciated. i don’t know how many dpo i am, as if im being quite honest, my husband and i aren’t exactly trying... i just really need to put my mind at ease so im on this forum. pls help. (also these pictures were taken within 3 mins of testing, so i doubt they are evap lines)
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