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Laparoscopy nerves - help!

Hey gang,
I was super excited to be moving forward with our fertility referral but I’ve been referred for a laparoscopy and I’m really nervous!
im completely winding myself up about it and need to calm down 🙈
has anyone had one before? If so, How was it?
Im self employed running an incredibly busy restaurant - taking time off work isn’t going to be easy…. How much time off did you need?? 
I’ve nit have general since I was a kid so I’m terrified of that too! 🙈🥴😫


  • Hi hi. I was in the same boat and then ended up being able to get sorted through a hysteroscopy instead. BUT I spoke to quite a few ladies if it helps and I was in for a night for the hyst with general anyway. Honestly it was the best decision I made and they did too now all back to ttc.  The general consensus was 2 weeks recovery after a lap and a good solid 5 days of bed rest. A few others said they wished they took more but work didn't allow but they did manage. All fingers crossed for you and definitely don't panic, once the general hits you won't know a thing! It's horrid waking up after and feeling groggy but that goes! The worst was not eating beforehand I was starving! 
  • @Iski2021  thank you!! 
    🥴🥴 5 days bed rest just isn’t an option! God knows how I’m going to manage this!
    we’re having our busiest year ever in the restaurant and the team need me there… I’m stuck because I need to grab the appointment as soon as it comes up - I can’t hold off because of my age!
  • I had one a couple of years ago and then also had some ovarian drilling, you will absolutely need time off as you will be very sore. I felt back to normal after 2 weeks but I agree 5 days bed rest was certainly correct for me too. It's the stomach muscles they go through and the gas which was the reason for the pain! X
  • I’ve had a laparoscopy. The actual op was ok as they just knock you out straight away and I was sent home not long after I came out. It took me a few weeks to recover fully but remember everyone will be different. I had to sleep on the sofa for a few days after as I couldn’t lie down fully because I kept getting a pain by my ribs and shoulder. I’m guessing that was from the anaesthetic. That was the worst part for me. The rest was just very tender and sore. You must give yourself a bit of recovery time. Best of luck x
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