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TTC Positions 😀

  A lighter thread for all of us but also one I'm actually intrigued by and would like to know thoughts!

Does anyone have specifics or a winner they prefer? After ttc for so long, my partner now finds it hard to finish just from the stress if we are in missionary 😢. Oddly if I'm on top its a winner... But Gravity!

I've had other issues so I know this isn't the reason why we haven't conceived but I just think it could be part! We have started a warning system so we can quickly flip over into missionary just as he finishes which is honestly the most inelegant hysterical moment...

But could be up for maybe trying something else! 


  • Lol...We usually do cowgirl style, and after he finishes I flip over onto my back to let almost everything make its way towards the ovaries. As long as the majority of the little swimmers stay in there I consider it a win.
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