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Late HPT?

Hey ladies! I am currently 9 days late for AF. During my ovulation, i started bleeding which is extremely abnormal for me. I confirmed ovulation with temps and OPK's. Then, the day before i was supposed to start my period i had some very light brown discharge and I again had a positive OPK. and then nothing since. I have had conflicting HPT's, some have faint lines and then others don't. I had my beta HCG checked and it was 0.1, this was 4 days past when AF was due. I am EXTREMELY gassy, bloated, exhausted, irritable, breaking out, sick, and very very mild cramping. Has this happened to anyone else? My cyles are very regular, 29 days on the dot. I even start the same time of day. I am under no stress, either. I just dont't know if it is possible i am still pregnant or not. Help!
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