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BBT chart interpretation help!

Hi all,
Just wondering if anyone who tracks BBT might be able to give some input into my current chart! This might be a bit tmi with reference to CM!
 I feel like from my CM early this month I thought that I was having a shorter cycle and maybe ovulated on day 9. However, my temp rose the next day and then went back down for a few days, and now it seems it's rising around the predicted ovulation date. However, as you can see from my previous charts my egg white CM is usually pretty consistent with ovulation, so that's why I'm suspicious haha. Also the last 3 times I ovulated my temp was 97.32 and that was my temp on day 9. Could it be that I ovulated early and implanted super early at 4 DPO, so the dip is an implantation dip? I know that's probably highly unlikely but just wanted to see if anyone else has had a similar experience/chart with pregnancy! Thanks for your input :) I've attached three charts to compare. 


  • Can I suggest you use the app fertility friend it’s so much easier to use and read and will clearly mark off your ovulation following a triple temp rise. By the looks of your temps I would guess you ovulated on cd 14 however you need the triple temp rise to confirm ovulation. I used ff app and I find it so much clearer, u can see a clear pattern in your temps each cycle making it easier to see the pattern for when u are about to ovulate. I have fallen pregnant 5 times in 16 months (unfortunately 4 miscarriages but now currently 34 weeks pregnant) fertility friend definitely helped me to see each month as I could easily predict my ovulation. Il post a pic for you so you can see. Premom is definitely the best app for ovulation tests but not for BBT and don’t waste your time with Femometer app as its useless. Good luck 😉 
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