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Trying at 41

I’m hoping for some advise, I’ve been trying for the last few months with my boyfriend not seriously but this month I tried ovulation sticks then my period was late by 3 days but today my period started & I’m upset as no one knows really how I feel as I’ve never really talk about it.
I’ve also been the doctors, I had a blood test which come back that I have low progesterone but when on day 15 but should have been day 21 so need to try that again.
I wish I’d never left it so late to try but then & I’m really scared I’ve left it to late 
any advice would be great as now getting stressed which does not help 


  • Try not to worry about it have fun and hopfully it will happen my second took 6 months and I was only 24 at the time I'm 37 now having my 4th and lucky that I fell very quickly maybe after 6 months of trying talk to your gp I've never used ovualtion sticks but have downloaded apps to track the best days to conceive going by when your start your period etc good luck 
  • Molly55, if you feel like time is ticking and your b/f is on board, how about having him tested too? It's sad when women blame themselves when sometimes the guy has a sperm problem. I hope that's not the case obviously, but it's nice to not feel so alone and know you're both in this together.
  • I would just say have fun and all the best for your journey
  • Hi @Molly55 - I’m 42 and TTC for just over 2 years. I know exactly how you’re feeling - I’ve been through it all! 
    I didn’t try before now as I didn’t meet the person I wanted to do this huge thing with. We started trying just before my 40th - thought we’d just be relaxed and let it happen but it didn’t 🤷🏼‍♀️
    Once it started becoming obvious that it wasn’t just going to happen it started causing us a LOT of stress… we both blamed ourselves, my OH totally retreated from sex as he hated feeling like it was just a sperm donation, we argued a lot, I got obsessive and none of that got us anywhere - probably stopped things from happening at all! 
    We decided to start a fertility referral last December but just as we got started it all got stopped because of Covid. Since lockdown has lifted we’ve kickstarted the process and it’s made so much difference. 
    We’re not pregnant yet, but moving forward with the referral has made everything seem so much more positive. We missed the boat for funded IVF if it gets that far but we’re getting all the tests and, although we haven’t found a problem yet, we may be able to figure out what’s wrong and do something about it. If not, IVF it is. If that doesn’t work then we go from there. 
    But my point of all of this is, don’t hang around. If you’re serious about having a baby then go for it.
    it sucks but time is not on our side and our chances go down with each month that goes by. But it’s far from impossible. 
    Ask your GP to do a work up for a referral and get the ball rolling 👍🏼👍🏼
    Don’t get to the point of blaming yourself or your OH for it not happening, get the tests and find out IF there’s something that might stop it - you’ve not been trying long so there might genuinely be nothing and it might happen naturally - but due to your age you can get help sooner 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 Please feel free to message me any time about any if it, we’re in the same boat, I’m just a little bit further on than you. 
    Good luck, stay positive and hopeful xxxxx
  • PS… in the meantime Premom is a great app to track ovulation - get the easy@home OPK tests from
    amazon to use with it 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
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